Brand Retouching


The University of Africa, Toru-Orua (UAT) is one of Africa’s youngest institutions, having admitted its first set of undergraduate students in 2017. UAT with a strong focus on “internationalisation” is committed to delivering and managing higher education in a refreshing, new way.

With a strong focus on internationalisation as captured in “its curricular structure, partnerships with carefully selected institutions in other parts of the world and the composition of both its faculty and students” it was clear that it needed a brand retouching.

Website Redesign

In keeping with UAT’s brand ambition, we were tasked with the responsibility to overhaul its website. We took to the task diligently to deliver a functional, more student-focused and global-standard website for the University.

University of Africa Project

Logo RefreshING

The logo refreshing brief essentially was centred on finding ways to make the original logo appear less timid, but more energetic and audacious without really changing the logo elements.

Without proper documentation of the logo elements by the original designer, we had to recreate all the elements and apply a font that communicates UAT’s boldness and ambition. We also retouched the red outline to reflect the brand energization.