ABC 2023 Branding

IT Support + Branding and Brand Collateral + Copywriting 

Africa Business Convention – ABC2023 with themeAfrica Connected, is about the nature of exchanges among African countries and between the rest of the world, how these exchanges facilitate and help Africa’s growth and prosperity and how they can be improved to facilitate greater level of growth and prosperity. Ultimately, Africa Connected is about the 1.3+ billion people of Africa and how they engage among themselves and with the rest of the world.

Website Update + Maintenance

At the end of the last edition of ABC we were tasked with the responsibility to update and tweak the existing website to capture and reflect ABC 2o23 aspirations.

ABC 2023 QR Code

IT Support

Following the confusion we experienced during ABC 2022 with respect to the delegate management at the venue we had to design and develop a QR Code-enabled technology to make the delegate admission process hassle free. And we did it!

All delegates received a unique QR code on their phones prior to the convention and on were smoothly admitted into the convention venue.

Copywriting, Content Creation & Digital Marketing

We were once again tasked with the responsibility of producing the event marketing materials – including this video below.

ABC 2023 Logo

Brand Identity Design + Brand Collateral

We built on the work we did in 2021/2022 to deliver yet another exceptional branding and brand collateral for ABC 2023. 

Under such an intense pressure, we were happy to deliver yet again to the satisfaction of the event owners and participants.