ABC 2022 Branding

Website + Brand Identity Designs + Copywriting + Collateral Design 

Africa Business Convention is a global platform established by BusinessDay Nigeria for Insightful debates around the prevailing challenges confronting businesses in the continent; the exploration of emerging opportunities; keeping abreast with global industry trends and developments; showcasing worthy ideas and projects for matching investments; trade promotions within Africa and with the rest of the world and; policy reviews and agenda-setting Africa’s prosperity.

Website Design

We undertook the task of designing and developing a functional and user-friendly website that matches the vision of the Africa Business Convention.

ABC 2022 brand identity illustration

Brand Identity Design

To deliver a successful conference goes beyond hosting meetings as defined in the event agenda; it is more about creating a memorable experience for the delegates and other stakeholders. And that begins we crafting a striking brand identity as we did for ABC 2022. We defined it along three lines:


The text size gradation that forms the logo structure offers a glimpse into the AFRICA BUSINESS CONVENTION as a melting pot for leaders in government and business, Africa’s biggest dealmakers, investors, and business shapers.


The logo’s old school grid system captures the AFRICA BUSINESS CONVENTION commitment to time-honoured business ideals. It is aesthetically presented to fit into the modern dynamism of business while establishing a distinct brand identity.


As a supplementary bent to the logo grid, each individual element of the logo – the map, the conference name, the theme and the location – is presented in a distinct colour to achieve a good balance and to further capture AFRICA BUSINESS CONVENTION’s recognition of the importance of Africa’s unity in diversity and the greatness it holds.

Copywriting, Content Creation & Digital Marketing

We were also tasked with the responsibility of scripting and producing the event marketing materials – video, audio, graphic, etc. Herein below are some of the video content we produced for